Saturday, 22 September 2012


Oily skin results from excess oil being secreated by the sebaceous glands. This causes skin to be shiny and more prone to pimples, blackheads and blemishes.

This excess secreation of oil is more common in adolescents and decreases with age . It is advisable for people with oily skin to always keep face clean and make use of water based cosmetics.

Try out some of these natural remedies as they can make oily skin appear beautiful:
1.     Make a herbal face wash to remove excess oil and dirt from oily skin. Prepare a herbal tea of 1tablespoon of dried yarrow, peppermint or sage and 1cup of water for 30min. Strain and allow to cool. Then apply to face after using a mild cleanser or use the tea as a face wash. Moisturize skin with a gentle moisturizer.
2.     Make a mixture of ½ teaspoon of  honey, 1egg white, 1teaspoon of lemon juice, fullers earth or brewer’s  yeast powder. Apply this paste on the face leave for 20min then wash off with water.
3.     Mash raw papaya and apply to skin. Wash off with water after 20min. This cleanses and softenes dead cells making them easier to exfoliate.
4.     Make a facial mask using ¼ cup of powdered clay and 2teaspoons of aloe vera, 2teaspoons of water, 1teaspoon of sea salt. Spread the mixture over face and for 15 to 20mins then rinse off with cool water before it begins to feel tight and itchy. Do this once a week.
5.     Lavender is good for oily skin and can be applied several times daily.
6.     Facial steaming unclogs pores and removes excess oil from the skin. You can add herbs like lemongrass, licorice roots and rose buds to simmer in the water while heating. Then pour into a bowl and place head above it and drape a towel over to direct the steam towards your face. After 15min splash cold water on face and allow to dry.
7.     Exfoliate skin 3 times a week using a good scrub .             

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