Saturday, 15 September 2012


Acne is one skin problem that most people suffer from one time or the other in life. There are a number of acne products out there but a lot of people prefer natural treatments due to the fact that they are gentle on the skin and hardly have any negative effects.

Natural treatments though easy on the skin may need a little bit of patience as some of the treatments are gradual and need to be done regularly till you get desired result.
These recipes are however worth the effort of applying them regularly with patience as they are mild on the skin.


Wash face with warm water then apply a thick paste of oatmeal and plain yoghourt mixture all over your face. Once dry gently wash with warm water. Do this once a week to see acne improve.


These are effective in removing excess oil for the skin. Extract the juice of  cucumber and tomato with a juicer then mix. Apply to face and leave for 5min then rinse with water.  Do this twice daily for 3-4  weeks to see results.


Garlic is a strong antibacterial and a good remedy for acne. Rub raw garlic several times daily over area affected by acne.


Mix 2 tablespoons of black sugar with 1 tablespoon of white sugar in a bowl then add a little water to the sugar. Rub over face and especially over problem areas.


Make an infusion of nettle leaves by pouring 400ml of boiling water on 2 tablespoons of nettle leaves and leave for 2hrs. Drinking  100ml infusion of nettle leaves, 3times daily before meals for 4 weeks is effective in treating acne .


Boil a little milk then add a bit of white vinegar and allow to cool. Apply this mixture to acne areas. This works for pimples, white heads and black heads. Use weekly till you see results.


These play a vital role in treating and keeping acne at bay. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Also drink lots of water as this hydrates the body and helps in preventing constipation which is one major cause of acne. Constipation which leaves unwanted toxins in the body sometimes causes these toxins to look for other outlets such as the skin which could result in acne.


Mash a ripe pumpkin thoroughly and rub on the face and leave for 15min. Skin will feel dry and stretchy, then wash and dry. Apply pumpkin, coconut or mustard oil on the face. Can be done daily until you see results.  

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