Thursday, 20 September 2012


Are you looking for a natural  and safe way to lose that belly fat? I am sure it will interest you to know that you can actually shed belly fat without needing to spend money on expensive weight loss pills, go through strainous workouts or even starve yourself.

But just an adjustment in your lifestyle which will include your diet and exercise will go a long way in helping to lose fat around your stomach.
One very important point you have to put in mind is that any fat loss program requires dedication and persistence you have to hang on until you see results come through.

The more determined and focused you are the faster it will be for you to achieve results.
Go through these steps with discipline and determination and see yourself gradually lose that belly fat.


Drinking lots of water increases energy levels and leads to faster and stronger metabolism. Water actually suppresses appetite and drinking large amounts of it reduces the craving for food. It is advisable for women to take about 2.7litres of water  daily and men to take about 3.7litres daily.


Foods such as chips, candy, hot dogs, sodas etc build up belly fat and therefore should be avoided. These foods which are of high sugar content only add extra calories to the body.


Unlike a lot of people assume, breakfast is very important and should not be skipped in a bid to lose some pounds. Eating breakfast will get you on track to eat healthy foods through the day and increases energy levels.


Adequate rest is very vital as this increases the energy levels. Lack of sleep leads to tiredness which produces more stress hormones and one of which is  cortisol. It can also affect the production of leptin and insulin which are two important hormones responsible for controlling hunger levels, blood sugar levels and storage of body fat. It is advisable to get at least 8hrs of sleep daily.


Take healthy snacks in between meals to increase your energy levels. Snacks such as carrots, apples, popcorn, celery sticks, soy crisps and cottage cheese are healthy to eat in between meals as they are low in calories.


Eating healthy contributes a lot to shedding belly fat. It is interesting to note that sticking to a healthy diet can burn of belly fat in a matter of weeks. A healthy diet based on whole natural and unprocessed foods has proved to be quick efficient and safe in losing weight. This should involve mainly meats, fish, eggs, leafy greens, nuts, some root/tubers and fresh raw fruit. Cut out refined and highly processed foods.


Exercises provide metabolic and hormonal benefits that cannot be gotten from diet alone. A habit of exercising regularly burns calories, tones, strengthens and increases lean muscle mass and even lowers  stress better than any diet, pill, drug or supplement. Step outside and run or walk briskly for 45 to 60mins. You can add a jump rope to add more diversity to your work outs. Exercise 3 times a week. 


Engage in abdominal exercises that tone up your stomach. Lie on your back and do alternative leg raises, reverse crunches, bicycle kicks, double crunches and v-ups. Perform 15 – 20 repititions, do three or four sets.


There are quite a number of fat loss supplements on the market. But majority of these supplements do not provide results. There are however affordable supplements which help with fat loss and at the same time nourish the body and these include:
1.     OMEGA 3 FATS : This is the healthiest of all fats and effective in losing abdominal fat. You should eat a lot of oily fish and sea food as this are rich in omega 3 or supplement with a good omega 3 formula.
2.     WHEY PROTEIN: Is one of the healthiest proteins you can consume.
3.     MULTIVITAMIN: Daily intake of a good quality multivitamin supplement provides your body with all the nutrients needed to maximize its metabolism, maintain proper hormone production and shed belly fat.

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