Thursday, 13 September 2012


Dry and stubborn hair can sometimes be difficult to handle. This is sometimes as a result of harsh weather conditions, improper care and so on.

The use of natural ingredients have proven to be of great help in softening hair and making it more manageable.

Here  are some natural recipes which can be prepared at home and if done regularly would go a long way in promoting soft, silky and lustrous hair:
1.     Castor oil and Egg yolk
Massage a mixture of an egg yolk and two teaspoons of castor oil into your hair. Rinse and shampoo hair.
2.     Lemon juice
Rub lemon juice into hair and leave on for 20min then rinse out. This makes hair soft and gives it shine.
3.     Avocado and Egg yolk
Apply a mixture of mashed avocado and egg yolk to hair and leave for 20min then rinse and wash hair with shampoo.
4.     Apple cider vinegar and Lemon hair rinse
Make a mixture of one lemon juice, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and one cup of water. First shampoo and rinse hair then rub the mixture into hair. Rinse with water.
5.     Sunflower and Wheatgerm oil
Apply a mixture of sunflower and wheatgerm oil unto hair at night. Rinse and wash hair with shampoo in the morning.
6.     Vitamin E
Taking vitamin E supplements or the use of hair products  which contain vitamin E promote soft and healthy hair.
7.     Mayonnaise conditioner
Massage mayonnaise into hair and then cover with towel for up to 30min. Rinse and shampoo.

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